Las Vegas Tipping

A Guide to Tipping In Las Vegas

Tipping is always customary and tipping in Las Vegas is no exception. Most of the customer service jobs in Las Vegas are on average lower paying positions and the employees who work in these positions rely on tips to make a living. When to tip and when not to tip can be a little confusing, as well as how much do you tip. We have provided a comprehensive guide to help with tipping casino customer service personnel on your next Vegas visit.

Las Vegas Cocktail Waitresses: Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are free in Las Vegas casinos when you are gambling. Giving $1 (waitresses will accept $1 chips as tips as well as cash) for your drink is normal, $2-$3 will usually get you more frequent service and attention from the cocktail waitresses. Waitresses on general have to provide their bartenders 20% tip-out at the end of their shift so keep that in mind when tipping these hard working folks.

Las Vegas Casino Shuttle Bus Drivers: Most casinos have shuttle buses that will take you for free to sister properties while in Las Vegas. These drivers don’t make a lot of money and a $1-$2 tip is appreciated.

Las Vegas Bellmen: $1-$3 a bag is the norm.

Las Vegas Hotel Maids: Some people prefer to leave a tip at the end of their stay for the maids, but there is a good possibility it will be a different maid each day. Leaving $4-$5 a day for the maid is sufficient.

Las Vegas Room Service: $4-$5 is a good tip, it depends on the timeliness of your order and how warm the food is!

Las Vegas Doormen: Las Vegas cabs are hailed by casino doormen and the doormen will give the cabbie your destination and open the door of the cab for you. $1 is sufficient if there is no luggage, $2 per bag is normal if they are loading your luggage.

Las Vegas Valet Parking Attendants: $2-$5 tip depending on how fast they retrieve your vehicle

Las Vegas Buffet Waiters/Waitresses: $2-$5 per person depending on how attentive they are is usually what  we have seen people tip.

Las Vegas Dealers/Craps Attendants: If you are winning money make sure you tip the dealers. You have a choice to directly have them deposit the money as a tip or make a wager on their behalf.  You can also leave the option up to the dealer. 5-10% of your winnings is usually a good tip for the dealers, but we will leave it up to your imagination on how much you win.

Slot Attendants: If you have a good slot payout, make sure to tip the slot attendants. It is not often I see these people tipped and they work hard for their money making sure they are repairing your machines when they have a malfunction.

I am sure we have left out a few customer service positions or if you have a Las Vegas tipping experience please leave a comment below and we will add this information to our article. Have fun in Las Vegas and happy winnings!