Deciding on a Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour – We Have Compared Them Side by Side

There are many options when taking a Helicopter Tour over the Las Vegas Strip. We have compared the cheapest and best Las Vegas Strip helicopter tours available and made it easy to make your decision.

One of the best ways to get an overview of the city is to fly directly over the Strip. At night and from the air, Las Vegas looks like a patch of diamonds sprinkled on a darkened desert floor. There’s no better way to get a sense of this remote wonderland than by helicopter, sipping champagne and snapping aerial photographs.


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Our First Choice: Papillon Helicopter Tours

Papillion is one of the largest Grand Canyon and Las Vegas helicopter tour companies around and currently has the best price on their Las Vegas Strip tour. For only about 1.5 hours of your vacation you can get away and see the Las Vegas strip from a bird’s eye view. Their tour includes complimentary champagne and round trip limousine service from your hotel to their location which is not far from the strip. The 12-15 minute flight covers both side of the Las Vegas strip and takes you over downtown Las Vegas to experience the sights. For a special price of only $79 you cannot go wrong.

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