Las Vegas Nightclubs

Getting past the long lines at Las Vegas Nightclubs. VIP Secrets


Las Vegas nightclub lines can be up to 4 hours long on the weekends. Everyone wants to know how to get to the front of the lines at Tao, Pure, Rain, and all the other hot Las Vegas Nightclubs. We have provided a short guide to assist all the new Vegas partiers on how to avoid the long lines and spend your night inside the club, not staring at the entrance from the outside.

Although these tricks have been successful at nightclubs all across Las Vegas, it is ultimately the front door and bouncers discretion of who and when people get inside, so always be polite and friendly when speaking with club personnel.

Bottle service – This is a sure fire way to gain instant entry into the nightclub, but make sure you reserve early so you all the areas are not sold out. I have found that booking table service early you are also able to negotiate a better deal because they want to fill the spots. Bottle service can seem expensive at first, costing from $300-600 a bottle for liquor on average. Bottle service guarantees you getting to the front of the line, entry fee is waived, a dedicated seating area, and a dedicated waitress who provides all the mixers for your drinks. Most people go running scared when they hear the price of Bottle service but do not realize that when splitting the bill 5 ways it can be a great deal considering $30-60 per person entry and $10-20 per individual drink otherwise.

Find a group of Women to team up with to get into the club– Six guys in line is not going get into the club very easily. The male/female ratio of a common nightclub is usually skewed and the bouncers know that. Break into groups of 2 and try and merge in a group of females. Groups of females usually make it to the front of the line first and their male friends are usually let into the club with them..

Arrive early – The early bird gets the worm and gets to the front of the line. Doorman usually notice the people that have been waiting at the club before it opens and will let you in soon after opening.

Dress the Part- Showing up like you just left the frat house will get you a long wait in front of the club. Wear your best clothes and clean up, it goes a long way.


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