How To Get A Free (Comped) Room In Las Vegas

Let’s look at the upside of the current recession in the United States; it has affected the casino industry just as much as it has affected all of us. Just look at MGM and other mega casino corporation’s stock prices over the past three years.

Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like an upside. But for the average gambler like you and me it means that these Las Vegas casinos are working harder to get our business, and that means offering free rooms. Gone are the days when you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a free room in Vegas. Being a loyal casino customer and following these tips can get you monthly offers for free rooms at Las Vegas casinos.

Get a players club card from the casino you are gambling and staying at. Personally, I prefer the Caesars card because they have casinos all over the United States and have offered me free rooms at almost every casino they own. The players card is the secret to comps for normal gamblers like me and you because we don’t gamble $100-$10,000 a hand and we won’t get noticed by the floor crews while gambling 25 cents a pull. You provide your players club card to the pit boss at table games or insert the card into the slot machine. The card is a way for the casino to track your playing time and how much money you are gambling. Don’t fret; the casinos actually track gambled dollars, not coin in. What I mean by this is that if you put $20 in a slot machine, instantly win $200, and then gamble that down to $100, it shows $120 gambled. You are earning comps based on what you gamble, not what you put in the dollar bill acceptor.

Playing at the tables,same principle, but a little trickier. Give the pit boss your players card but it is important to gamble big when the pit boss is looking and less when he’s not. Big doesn’t mean $1000 a hand. If you are betting $5 a hand normally, bet $30 when the pit boss is watching. The reason for this is unlike the slots, the pit boss must manually enter your gambling habits into the players card system and it is based on the length of time you are at the tables and the amount you are betting each hand.

Ask the pit boss or casino hosts. If you don’t ask while at the casino, they won’t offer. You will start getting offers for free rooms to come back once you leave, but when you first get there and sign up for the players card; you won’t get a free room unless you ask. I can tell you that no matter how much you gamble if you didn’t book your room through the casino itself (you used Travelocity, etc), you won’t get a comped room this time. It is a rule all casinos follow because they must pay Travelocity a fee for your booking. Even if you can’t get a free room, you may be able to get free dinners, spa treatment, etc. The key is to ask after playing for awhile.

Charge it to your hotel room including dinners, spa treatments, drinks, etc. You are going to pay for it anyways, so why not charge it to your room and ask for the items to be comped when checking out. I have had my whole bill comped after spending 3 days at a Harrah’s casino, and I am by no means a high roller. Even if you don’t get it comped, they know you spent the money at their casino and goes towards their offering you future free rooms. If you paid cash they never knew you spent that money!

Put all your eggs in one basket. What I mean by this is spend all your money at the resort or a resort owned by the chain you are staying in. If you are staying in Harrah’s, do all your gambling at Caesars owned casinos. The players card for your casino will work for all the affiliated casinos. You are much more likely to get comped if they see you have kept loyal to their company.

Know your limits. If you are not a high roller, don’t expect to get comped rooms at the Aria casino or Wynn gambling $200 a trip. Stick to hotels such as Harrah’s who value average gamblers and will reward loyal customers with free rooms.


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