Las Vegas New ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Commercial – “Dream Vacation”

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)rolled out its new ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ commercial, “Dream Vacation.” The legendary brand’s innovative spot reinforces the destination’s identity as the paramount purveyor of adult freedom.
A casual meal takes an unexpected turn when a woman reflects on her recent Vegas vacation in what she thinks is a daydream, only to discover her memories are playing out for all her friends to see. In a panic, she pops the looming dream bubble, ensuring what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.
“After 15 years, the iconic ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ campaign continues to promote travel to Las Vegas as well as reinforce the brand’s promise of adult freedom,” said Cathy Tull, senior vice president of marketing for the LVCVA. “Through relevant and humorous storytelling, the new spot encourages visitors to embrace the only-in-Vegas experience that awaits them in the destination.”
“One of the greatest challenges a brand can face is the ability to maintain relevance in a market that is ever-changing,” said Rob Torres, managing director of Travel Google. “The LVCVA and R&R Partners’ ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ campaign skillfully overcomes that hurdle by presenting storylines that assume a certain level of risk and land outside of most brands’ comfort zones, in true Las Vegas style.”