$20 Trick

The $20 Trick. A fact or myth in Las Vegas?

If you have ever been to Las Vegas or performed some internet research on visiting Las Vegas, you probably have heard the saying “The $20 Trick”.

Here’s how it works: You fold a $20 bill over twice and place it under your credit card when checking in at a Las Vegas hotel. Hand your credit card with the folded $20 bill to the clerk (Make sure the edge of the $20 is protruding slightly so the front desk clerk see the money) and politely ask the clerk “Are there any complimentary upgrades available?” At this point the clerk should see the money, take the card and the $20, and proceed to check their computer for an upgraded room. If they are unable to provide you with an upgrade, they should return the $20 and advise there are no upgrades.

I have found throughout the years that the $20 trick has a very good success rate but the key to success is to be friendly and patient. Do not expect to be upgraded to a presidential suite if you have a basic room, but usually you can get a room with a great view or a larger, more plush room using the trick.

Tell us your $20 trick story below! Success or Flop?